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Celebrate Thanksgiving with a platter of assorted microgreens from BlooMont farm. A fresh harvest of crisp greens right from your table! All you need is a dressing in the platter's center !  So order by November 11th  !

call us for large & small platters !


BlooMont farm is an urban farm located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. We produce the freshest and all-natural microgreens that you could ever find in the local market. Featured here are crisp microgreen shoots 

You call us for your orders during winter months !  

Place your order on any Wednesdays for your pick up on Saturday or Sunday the following week !

We will specially grow your order as per your request ! 

Call us at 973-932-4860 to order your greens  on ANY Thursdays  and you can pick them up the following week at Montclair Farmers Market located at  89 Grove Street Station, Montclair on every Sunday from 8 am to 10 am and 11 am to 1 pm at Summit parking 20 Deforest Avenue, Summit, NJ   during the winter months.

Text us your order in advance and we will keep the greens ready for you  at any of these pick up points ! 

Select from our list of inter greens, as fresh as ever and would deliver them to your home if the order is minimum of 5 flats ( @ 5$ each) 

Mold or not ?


About Us

Leeks, power mix, purple radish, mustard varieties 

( wasabi or curried indian mustard ) , wheat grass, pea shoots, amaranth , broccoli greens, Blue scotch Kale, turnips, pak choi cabbage, red cabbage, curled cress, alfalfa, sunflower shoots, chia, fenugreek  sold by the flat for $ 5