It's Summer at BlooMont farm.

Fresh perked up microgreens grown organically !!   

BlooMont farm is an urban farm located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. We produce the freshest and all-natural microgreens that you could ever find in the local market. 

You call us for your orders 

and we can deliver them to you or you can pick them up !!!

C‚Äčall us at 973-932-4860 to order your greens  and you can pick them up at Montclair Farmers Market located at  89 Grove Street Station, Montclair on every Saturdays  from 8 am to 1 pm during the summer months or Summit Farmers Market at 22 Deforest Avenue in Summit, NJ on Sundays from 8 to 1 pm.

Text us your order in advance and we will keep the greens ready for you  at any of these markets ! 

Freshness, vigor of the micro greens are at it's maximum when travel time is less, unlike other store bought that has been on shelf for days or traveled a long distance.

You may use it upon delivery or take a few days to use them, they continue to grow on our all natural coir micro pads. Just spritz water like live plants at their base and they will continue to thrive. Coir pads are biodegradable.

Mold or not ?

You will see root hairs on our micro greens !!! That's perfectly normal and they help nourish the greens. 

About Us

We grow the following varieties for spring...

Leeks, basic salad mix, purple radish, Brussels sprouts, mustard varieties, wheat grass, pea shoots, amaranth , broccoli, kale, turnips, pak choi cabbage, red cabbage, curled cress, alfalfa, sunflower shoots, fenugreek  sold by the flat for $ 5