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BlooMont Farm

BlooMont Farm will be at Montclair Winter Farmer's market this year ! every Saturday from 9 am to 11 am at 89 Walnut Street Station from March 5th. Will accept pre orders and have them ready at the market.    

BlooMont farm is an urban farm located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. We produce the freshest and all-natural microgreens that you could ever find in the local market. Featured here are crisp microgreen pea shoots 

Grown with pure filtered water !!! No soil, no additives !!!   

BlooMont will deliver microgreens every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month beginning March 6th until the market starts for our Summit microgreen customers at CVS parking lot, Deforest Avenue, Summit  from 8 am to 10 am with pre orders only. 

BlooMont now has  MICRO SHOTS!​

These individual  SUPERFOOD 1.5 ml shots portions ( six in a pack ) are  concentrated blend from our own hydroponically grown micro greens. Frozen to preserve and enhance their nutrition. 

Green Goblin

(Micro Broccoli, lemon, dash of turmeric)

Micro Red Rooster

( As seen on the image ) Micro green  red cabbage, touch of organic ginger, agave, turmeric, lemon & beets)

Power shot

 ( broccoli, kale, turmeric, lemon & ginger )


All shots frozen to preserve their goodness and best had within 20 days.

A 6 day supply all in one container. 

$ 10.00 per pack  

Instructions : 

Keep frozen

Remove the frozen  shot the night before, uncap and have the concentrated greens straight from it's container or add to your smoothie concoctions frozen for power up's & more nutrition.


(All ingredients are organically grown, non GMO , no preservatives, cold pressed & filled at Garden State Kitchen located at 406 Tompkins Street, Orange, NJ  )